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A new world of blended mental health services

Lockdown has opened the eyes of the therapist and counsellor community to the utility of online delivery of their services. We see a new world of blended online and face-to-face services.

  • Increased accessibility
  • Scalable delivery capacity
  • Reduced service cost
  • Improved outcomes

Scaling mental health delivery

In a world of digital delivery capability location becomes irrelevant. We see ambitious service providers recognising the opportunity to scale their services nationally and even internationally.

Societal benefit

There is a global supply and demand problem. Too many sufferers, too few mental health practitioners.

Clinicians and practitioners are motivated by kindness and compassion to help people who are struggling. We help scale ambitions to a societal level by enabling counsellors and therapists to slash waiting times and significantly increase the numbers they can help.

Service opportunity

The reach and accessibility of digital can have an immediate client benefit one to one. While group support is clinically accepted as efficacious for most conditions, the pain of organising a venue and orchestrating clients and patients has been a bar too high for many. Online delivery not only makes it easier for clinicians, but in most cases a lot easier for prospective clients and patients too.

Serve more clients in less time through online group delivery. Reduce their cost per session - increase your income per hour.

Designed for therapy

Covid has also highlighted the shortcomings of general purpose conferencing services and dedicated medical consultation platforms in functionality and confidentiality. We're crafting a delivery platform specifically for the needs of counsellors and therapists and their clients, so we can help scale the world’s mental health services.

For Mental Health Service Providers

  • Branded Interface
  • Anonymised Medical Record Integration
  • Outcome Tracking

For Individual Practitioners

  • Low-cost Professional Platform
  • Easily Deployed
  • Branded Interface

For Mental Health Charities

  • Simple Client Interface
  • Streamlined Content Delivery
  • No Complex Setup - Safe and Secure

For EAP / Student Assistance

  • Worked/Student Anonymity Assurance
  • Platform Integration
  • Age Appropriate

We're building a platform that's as trustworthy as you are:
Safe, confidential, and secure.

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Clinical potential

Lockdown accelerated the shift to digital. Yet there is much focus on eTherapies for automation, which at best for the very few with RCTs show a 1 in 5 improved outcome.

What was proven in lockdown was that ‘human in the loop’ mental health delivery can move effectively online. While exact metrics on outcomes are currently elusive, the transition occurred with 95% of all NHS IAPT delivery going online or telephone by August 2020.

Many services were held back due to a lack of digital competence to assess platforms, or IT capacity to safely set them up and use them. Others found themselves using inappropriate platforms because client care demanded rapid decisions.

What was missing was a fit for purpose platform designed for non IT competent clinicians and counsellors to use, confident in its safety, and without having to make general purpose tools support their unique and client focussed delivery methods.

Uniquely designed to forge alliances between therapists and their clients.

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