Innovating patient-centric online treatment delivery for mental health

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Lockdown has driven a new acceptance of online as an effective therapy delivery method.

Digital transformation starts by flipping the assumption of whose therapy room to attend

Supporting patient alliance building is critical for positive outcomes. This means understanding trust development in the digital context.

  • Transparency of what data, what purpose and how it's protected
  • Balancing access control for the therapeutic environment between patient and service provider
  • Enabling self governance of patient treatment history

We identified the route to digital resolution revolves around enabling service providers to easily bring their services to the Patient’s Virtual Therapy Room (PVTR)

Empowering service providers to go safely online

Mental health care can be seen as analogous to a learning environment, except it has to be absolutely confidential and highly personalised.

Online care pathways are a mix of self-management enablement, teletherapy and peer support.

We support the Patient’s Virtual Therapy Room by empowering:

  • Service providers to build scalable digital service templates that can be applied across a care pathway
  • Therapists and counsellors to personalise the templates to patient need

All within a digitally confidential web service that uses End-to-End-Encryption to ensure all engagement is protected and accessible only to the patient and their carer(s).

Digital Advantages for Online Care Delivery

In the world of hybrid delivery of face-to-face and online, you need a partner that understands the unique needs of online mental health treatment delivery and empowers you to digitally differentiate while not requiring you to be digital natives.

For Service Providers

  • Easily build your differentiated digital care pathways
  • Insights to treatment progression
  • EHR integration & data governance simplification

For Individual Practitioners

  • Simplified data governance & GDPR compliance
  • Highly professional patient/client experience
  • Automatic treatment record

For Charities

  • Centralised content control
  • Empowering federated/partner deployment
  • Personalised treatment delivery

For EAP / Student Assistance

  • Integratable to your platform
  • Worker/Student anonymity preservation support
  • Age appropriate

We're building a platform that's as trustworthy as you are:
Safe, confidential, and secure.

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Our Digital Development Company Culture

If a therapy platform is to empower the patient alliance trust objective, then it has to integrate trust into its software development processes.

We see ourselves as your digital Caldicott Guardian partner, whether you supply to the NHS or not, their ethics model for patient data is a valuable asset to assure your patients of your commitments to their confidentiality.

Uniquely designed to forge alliances between therapists and their clients.

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